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Use WhatsApp in your Marketing Strategy

As a WhatsApp marketing service provider in Malaysia, we can help you to blast your message in text and image to 5 million WhatsApp Nationwide. 

We assist you in your advertising message to your target audience efficiently and cost-effectively at every corner of Malaysia.

Odoo • Image and Text

How WhatsApp Marketing Benefit You

Quick Response

WhatsApp is easy and used all the time by the users. Expect immediate response once your ads have been blasted and hit your right audience.

Capacity to Carry Image and Text

Unlike traditional info sharing in text messages, WhatsApp can carry both text and image which make your ads become more attractive.

Higher Reading Rate

WhatsApp users will check the incoming messages through notifications received. They will definitely check out the latest text in the chat.

Customized WhatsApp Bulk 
Greet your customers as you get into their inbox. Adding your customer’s first name, IDs and other suitable info to create that personalized touch.

Link Attachments
You get to send the important links via each WhatsApp that goes out. It could be any link or attachment with an image, PDF files, etc.

Timely Delivery & Reports
We keep you updated with a delivery report of the WhatsApp sent after 24 hours. This way you can track all the click-through.

Unsubscribe Feature
This feature will allow your customers the power to unsubscribe as well. This inbound feature will help you a lot.

Give Tickets & Vouchers
Add an exclusive coupon code or vouchers to WhatsApp and get it out. You get to design it as well.

We have a scheduler planner. You may plan out small batches and send them out.

Surveys & Forms
If you want to understand the customer’s mindset sending out small surveys can help you. Give your customers a sense of importance as you sends the forms out as well.

Polyglot WhatsApp
You get to send messages out in different languages. Send messages in all regional languages.

Contact Management
You may directly provide the data from excel sheet. We will do the rest.

Brand Name & Logo
Take the customization one step further by adding your brand name. This improves your brand image.

We are saving your time by giving you access to the feature of creating templates by referring to already existing templates.

Campaign Check
You will be able to check the campaign effectiveness by clicking on a URL w share.

95% Delivery Rate
In our system, we will make sure your investment money is return in value. We Guarantee to have 95% successful delivery rate. 

Reach Greater Audience
Reach a larger audience with our service is provided available in 5 million users nationwide.

You can reach a specific target group based on geographically with a radius of 5km to Nationwide.

Our Package


RM 175 .00

  • 3100 Messages
  • Delivery Report (Success and Failed)
  • List Provided
  • Malay


RM 2,100 .00

  • 10,000 Messages
  • Delivery Report (Success and Failed)
  • List Provided
  •  Malaysia/Oversea


RM 15,000.00

  • 100,000 Message
  • Delivery Report (Success and Failed)
  • List Provided
  • Malaysia/Oversea